Day 5. Cairns to Cape York. Elliot Fall to Bamaga (feat. OTL)

Day 5 Cairns to Cape York MTB. Elliott Falls to Bamaga

Last night’s feast was dehydrated Spag Bol and Apple Crumble which I had saved for this very occasion. You simply add some boiling water and voila, instant dinner and desert. It was really tasty, though I did work up quite a hunger getting here.

The Bivy was warm to start with, but a lifesaver when it started to rain.

With one of the best swimming holes in Australia only meters away from my Campsite a morning dip was a must. I had been to Elliott Falls a number of times before and always laugh when I remember our 6 year old son Jonah about to jump off the 4m cliff into the amazing water shouting “To infinity and beyond” as he’s about to do a front flip. I yelled “feet!” just in time.

I loaded up the bike again and headed up the remainder of the Old Telegraph Track, knowing there’d be plenty of creek crossings and then the familiar town of Bamaga to stop at with friends.

The Track was awesome to ride with fast flowy section and beautiful creeks. It was easy to overtake the odd 4wd and Motorbike along the way. The gallery of spectators at the creek crossings all cheered me on.

After the deepest crossing at Nolan’s Brook, the track turned very sandy and was way too difficult to be called fun. The water was crystal clear in the creeks and flowing well so I made sure I rehydrated using a life straw regularly.

Once Back on the Peninsula Development Road it wasn’t long before reaching the Jardine Ferry for my intended lunch stop. Unfortunately, they’d run out of proper food (or didn’t have any) and I had to settle for an array of soft drinks, chocolate bars and juices.

The Ferry was free for bicycles and it wasn’t long (it actually was) until I reached Bamaga for much needed some chain lube and more food. I then cruised to my good friends Robi and Mel’s house in Umagico for the next 2 nights. Tomorrow I should reach the Tip of Cape York.

I wouldn’t have undertaken this journey without a Spot Gen3 Tracker. Before I left home I simply set up a tracking map for public viewing and pre programmed key phone number for daily check ins and in case of emergency. The Spot works on GPS and can send the programmed messages and track without phone range. You can follow my route here.

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